Tips for Planning Events

Organizing an event can seem like a difficult task. The more experience you have, the smoother your event will run. If it is your first time running a pop-up event consider these tips. Preparation is key to running a successful event but it’s not the only thing.

Be Prepared

Over-planning is key. You just need to be creative (and calm), to find a solution. The more scenarios you’ve planned for, the more easily you’ll be able to deal with the unexpected. You don’t want to let one misstep to

Setting Goals

Setting goals for events can seem difficult but it is something that needs to be done in order to measure the success of it. Do you want to make a profit from it? Do you want to get more followers for your social media? There are a number of questions you can ask yourself while you are planning your pop-up events. As terms of financially, you should strive to break even. Even though a profit would be nice, you want to have a good experience with your first event.

Find the Right Venue

Finding a venue for your event can always be a challenge. At Premier Pop-Ups we have pop up spaces available and you can find it by location. You will have an opportunity to speak with the property owner and see if the property is a good fit for your event. You don’t want there to be too much traffic around your venue otherwise, the event may not get as many people as you would like. You will also have to let the property owner whether you need any special licenses before booking your venue.

Radar360 is a global provider of high-quality staffing solutions to agencies representing the world’s biggest brands. Experiential marketing agencies partner with us to build brand awareness through our people who educate, engage and excite audiences. We specialize in the recruitment and training of talent who engage audiences while delivering actionable results.

3 Benefits of Brand Ambassadors

Brand ambassadors are a great way to get your name out there. Whether you are giving out promo items such as pens, hats, shirts or other products, people tend to remember you if you give them a cool item. There are a number of different reasons why brand ambassadors can benefit your company. Here are a few reasons you should consider having brand ambassadors.

Increasing Social Reach

The more people you have representing your brand the better. Brand ambassadors tend to have good online reputations already so having them be a brand ambassador to reach their followers can help you brand gain more customers and followers.

Positive Word of Mouth

Brand ambassadors create positive word of mouth. Brand ambassadors will be able to help you create a good reputation if you have a lot of ambassadors. If you have a lot of ambassadors it will show people that your brand is reputable and well respected.

Increase Awareness in Different Areas

If your brand is only in one specific area like on the east coast, adding brand ambassadors on the west coast will be beneficial to getting your brand out there. People usually listen to their friends’ advice over an advertisement. When marketing departments target different regions that they are not present in, those intended messages don’t always land.

We are a full-service provider of high quality event staffing solutions based in New York City and Los Angeles. We specialize in the recruitment and training of talent who engage consumer audiences while delivering actionable results. Through concise brand messaging and face-to-face engagement, we create meaningful experiences that reinforce long lasting connections and build brand loyalty.

Don’t Forget to Evaluate the Event

A post-event evaluation allows you to gather and analyze data from the event. Data can help to highlight your event’s effectiveness and provide insight as to how to improve performance in the future. You should have your goals set out before you start planning your event. Now it is your chance to see if you have met your goals.

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3 Mistakes to Avoid in Planning a Promotional Event

Planning a promotional event can be an exciting time, but there are a number of factors you have to consider. It is all in the details when it comes to these events. Avoid these mistakes when you are planning your experiential marketing experience.

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5 Ways You Can Make Marketing Your Event Easier

If you’ve never planned a large corporate event before there’s a good chance that you’re feeling totally unprepared, overwhelmed, and that you’re scouring the Internet for help.

Good news, you’ve come to a good starting point and if you need help, Radar360’s services are a quick phone call away. Are you ready for the bad news? Let’s start with the painfully obvious: big corporate events don’t plan themselves and they rarely go completely according to plan.

Planning a successful event has what can feel like a million moving parts but there are a few ways you can make your life easier. From time-saving event marketing tools to social media automation, using the right technology can help give you a better sense of comfort and control over each aspect of the event.

1. Use a cloud-based storage system and get organized. This seems like a simple recommendation but it can’t be understated. Choose a cloud-based storage system that you can access on each of your essential devices and start organizing event information in folders. Keep track of everything you can – invoices, photos, list of attendees, data from the event, etc. While using a cloud-based storage system like Dropbox, Google Drive, iCloud, Evernote, you’ll also be able to share this information with any member of your team that needs it.

2. Get a project management software or spreadsheet. With so many moving parts, project management software is going to keep you and your team organized with checklists, deadlines, email reminders and more. With most project management software systems you’ll be able to invite members of your team and assign them tasks and due dates. Some examples for project management software include Smartsheet, Workfront, and BaseCamp.

3. Use an expense tracking program. Don’t worry about keeping up with receipts and expenses. Instead, find a program or system like QuickBooks that works for you so you can simply upload pictures of receipts and issue reimbursements.

4. Automate your social media messaging (partially). If you’re using social media to promote your event, you’ll want a platform to help. This allows you to schedule everything ahead of time and to strategically think about when and where you’re promoting the event. You’ll be able to manage all accounts in one place, schedule your posts, track analytics, and even engage with your audience.

5. Offer mobile check-in for guests. Mobile check in processes allow hosts to streamline the check-in process while making it less frustrating for guests. There are loads of apps and systems that do this for you, including EventBrite, but be aware, some services will add processing fees to tickets for the event.

While event marketing can be a stressful undertaking, Radar360 is here to help! For event staffing and event marketing solutions in New York City, contact Radar360 today!

Interactive Ideas for Your Next Brand Event in NYC

Searching for interactive ideas for your next brand event in NYC? Radar360 is here to help. Interactive elements of an event help guests interact and build relationships with that brand in a memorable kind of way. TO be memorable these elements need to stand out from the competition and present a new, entertaining way of meeting and interacting with the brand.

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4 Ideas For Your Food & Beverage Brand’s Next Big Event

Radar360 works with a number of food and beverage brands and over the years we’ve noticed some changes in the way we market these events. Specifically for food and beverage related industries, the goal for brands is to interact with consumers in a meaningful way that distinguishes their product from the marketplace, in other words, these brands are always looking to stand out and do something different.

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Meet Michael Wachs, Radar360 Chief Engagement Officer

Michael Wachs founded Radar360 because he had a vision of what the perfect promotional and event staffing agency could be. “I started Radar360 after interviewing dozens of friends and colleagues in the event industry. They all said the same thing – there was a deficit of quality event staff available to properly represent big brands.”

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P&G wins New York Design Award for best branded experience

Luxury skin care brand SK-II strategically opened a Pop Up Studio on each coast (NY & SF) specifically designed to bring an enhanced brand experience to new beauty enthusiasts.  Rather than sell product, the Pop Up Studios were designed to educate consumers on the brand story, and launch a new breakthrough digital skin analysis tool that measures your skin’s score across the five dimensions of ageless skin, enabling a customized skin care ritual.

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