Meet Michael Wachs, Radar360 Chief Engagement Officer

Michael Wachs founded Radar360 because he had a vision of what the perfect promotional and event staffing agency could be. “I started Radar360 after interviewing dozens of friends and colleagues in the event industry. They all said the same thing – there was a deficit of quality event staff available to properly represent big brands.”

Given his entrepreneurial background in other successful service-oriented ventures, Wachs knew he could contribute to the industry in a significant way. He states his mission for Radar360 is to differentiate the company from the competition by being “a true strategic partner.” Wachs continues to say, “We do that by focusing on our client’s goals, listening to their needs, and delivering what we promised. We maintain a very hands-on approach throughout the project, offering not only superior onsite leadership, but back office administrative support and management as well.” He’s not just speaking about activations solely in the U.S. either, in 2014 Radar360 expanded operations to Europe and Asia. “We know successful event execution can present its challenges. Our job is to instill confidence in our clients’ minds that our regional, national and global teams are up to the challenge at every turn.” Wachs says the secret ingredient in the company’s success is their ‘investment-ratio’ in each and every project. “We are deeply invested both professionally and personally in our client’s projects. We care equally if they have a single great one-off event or a successful, multi-city national campaign. Their success is our success.”