Interactive Ideas for Your Next Brand Event in NYC

Searching for interactive ideas for your next brand event in NYC? Radar360 is here to help. Interactive elements of an event help guests interact and build relationships with that brand in a memorable kind of way. TO be memorable these elements need to stand out from the competition and present a new, entertaining way of meeting and interacting with the brand.

  1. Projections – Large scale video projections continue to be an attractive way to drive people to your space, especially kids. If your brand targets moms or kids, this would be a particularly good method to rely on. Project a game, video clip, commercial, etc. to stand out.
  2. Photo booths – In the day and age of the selfie, everyone loves taking pictures (probably even your grandmother). A customized photo booth or backdrop allows visitors to blast out photos of themselves against your design, all of which should be streamlined using the appropriate social media channels and hashtags.
  3. 3D Printing – 3D printing is still a new and intriguing technology that has some practical applications for brands. Using a 3D printer, brands can create super unique items that could potentially be used for giveaways at your next brand event.
  4. Virtual reality – Virtual reality is really becoming more popular and is especially attractive to teenagers, young adults, and pretty hilarious to watch for anyone else. VR gives you the opportunity to let consumers experience something they’ve never used before, allowing consumers to experience your product or brand in a completely new way.

For more interactive ideas for your next brand event in NYC contact Radar360 today!