Don’t Forget to Evaluate the Event

A post-event evaluation allows you to gather and analyze data from the event. Data can help to highlight your event’s effectiveness and provide insight as to how to improve performance in the future. You should have your goals set out before you start planning your event. Now it is your chance to see if you have met your goals.

A post-event evaluation allows you to:

  • Know if the event achieved its determined goals.
  • Collect data that will help you improve strategy, logistics, and scheduling for sales and marketing.
  • Know if brand awareness and image increased among your audience.

If you don’t take some time to evaluate the event, you won’t know if it was a success or not. Although you always want to make a profit from your event, increasing brand recognition is something that will also help you profit in the long run. If there is more brand awareness because of the event, that may increase sales. If it was a fun and exclusive event, people who be buzzing about it and there will be a larger crowd the next time you do a similar event.

How to evaluate your event

Observe. Are things going the way you thought they would? Is it complete chaos or is everything running smoothly, maybe even better than expected? Take note of anything you see.

Ask for feedback. Send out an email if you have the email list of everyone who attended. Your staff will also be able to provide you valuable feedback. Some questions you can ask are:

  • How was the location?
  • What worked well during the event?
  • What didn’t work well during the event?
  • What should be done differently next time?
  • Were the giveaways valuable?

Calculate ROI

After considering how much of the budget was spent on the event, answer the following questions:

  • How many leads converted to sales?
  • How many samples did you give out?
  • How many email addresses did you collect?
  • How many purchases were made?