4 Ideas For Your Food & Beverage Brand’s Next Big Event

Radar360 works with a number of food and beverage brands and over the years we’ve noticed some changes in the way we market these events. Specifically for food and beverage related industries, the goal for brands is to interact with consumers in a meaningful way that distinguishes their product from the marketplace, in other words, these brands are always looking to stand out and do something different.

Many food and beverage related events utilize games, photobooths, or givewaways to provide something of value for consumers. Food and beverage brands are also notorious for teaming up with sports teams as a way of localizing their global brand and connecting with local residents.

So let’s break it down. Here are 4 ideas to pursue at your brand’s next big event.

1. Increase your offer. Singing up for a chance to win isn’t nearly as persuasive as a free water bottle or tote bag. It’s simple instant gratification and an excellent branding opportunity but aside from swag, what else can food and beverage brands do to stand out? One idea — Campari — famed liquer producer — offered a class at a recent event instructing students on how to craft the perfect cocktail. The same idea could translate easily to brands in the food industry.

2. Virtual Reality. With prices dropping substantially in the past few years, virtual reality is now a feasible option for brands to leverage and create excitement and buzz about new products. Whether your event is at a festival or outside a sporting event, the allure of electronics is a constant fascination that will draw attention. And while the virtual reality experience doesn’t need to be one directly related to your brand, the associative experience alone is significant.

3. College Brand Ambassadors. While college brand ambassadors are no revolutionary idea, ambassadors on college campuses can spread the word about your brand in a way that corporate representatives just can’t do. Of course college brand ambassadors are only recommended for brands that are specifically targeting college aged students so things like coffee, late night food, and easy to make meals would be perfect test subjects for this setting.

4. Mystery and Exclusivity. Make something people want to know about and be a part of… quietly to create more and more buzz. This is again, much easier said than done because the key thing to avoid is look spammy or scammy or untrustworthy. That being said this type of strategy is much easier to pursue with large brands that already have a well established reputation.

Many of these ideas could work for other industries as well. For more information, contact Radar360!